Entertainment/Multimedia 2

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Ultra PodCast Player

Access thousands of PodCasts straight from you BlackBerry device.  Only limitation with this program is you can only have 2 subscriptions at a time

Desktop Download - Install from your Computer

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Min Requirements: OS 4.3

XENOZU YouTube Client

Enjoy your favourite YouTube videos on BlackBerry! With XENOZU YouTube player for BlackBerry you can stay in touch with your favourite videos while on the go! Videos are categorized by Featured, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Top Rated, plus you can search for the videos of your choice. You can also bookmark a video, view the history of the videos you've watched and get additional video details.

Desktop Download - Install from your Computer

Min Requirements: OS 4.3

Google YouTube App

Get this program to view YouTube videos on your BlackBerry Storm only!

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Compatible with: Storm


ClickOVA is a convenient tool you can use to upload your mobile phone's content (pictures, videos and contacts) to the internet. The pictures and videos you transfer are automatically saved on your personal profile online. They are also saved on your personal WAP making them accessible from any mobile phone. Interact and easily share your pictures and videos directly on your camera phone or on your home computer. ClickOVA offers you many features including automatic transfers of your pictures and videos to your favorite social networking sites. Register here: http://www.clickova.com/gamma/Registration.aspx

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Min Requirements: OS 3.7


YouLynx lets you download videos and images; transfer any photo, video, file and mp3 from your PC to your mobile and from your BlackBerry to your PC ; know people from your city or town and chat with them, watch their profile, photos and videos. Make a backup of your mobile files on their servers. If you lose your mobile, it gets stolen, broken or you just change it; YouLynx Server will send you all your photos, videos and music adapted to your new mobile. Also enjoy its messenger, music player, and file manager. You can take any photo or record a video or audio file with your mobile and upload it to your PC/Internet in real time. You can manage your office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & PDF).

Download Page - This is a link to the download page

Compatible with: Pearl, Curve, 8800, Bold

Slacker Radio

Radio streaming application with tons of different stations. Will work with WiFi or data plan. I Believe streamed stations will only work in the USA.

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Min Requirements: OS 4.3

Pandora Radio App

This is a radio service application that lets you create stations based on your favorite artists, songs, and more and it will find more music you will probably like. AVAILABLE FOR USA ONLY!

Download Page - This is a link to the download page

Compatible with: Pearl, Curve, Bold


This program lets you stream 150+ radio stations in real time to your BlackBerry. The audio quality is pretty good and it has a useful randomize feature to help you find a new station.

Download Page - This is a link to the download page

Compatible with: Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm

Comedy Time

With Comedy Time you can now stream the funniest videos right to your BlackBerry . View hilarious clips from categories such as mainstream stand-up, Latino comedy, Urban comedy and Funnysodes.

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Min Requirements: OS 4.2


Radio Program with access to over 1000 cellular and Wi-Fi networks, FlyCast lets you listen to all your favorite genres of music and talk – even while you’re using your BlackBerry for other things.

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Compatible with: Curve, Bold, Storm

Might not Work with Certain Carriers