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Mr. Number

Get FREE Caller ID! This app provides you with caller ID for almost 70% of the numbers out there for free using crowd sourcing. When you get calls and texts from numbers that you don’t recognize, Mr. Number members tell you who it is. This works especially well on GSM 3G networks that can do simultaneous voice and data so it can grab the caller ID while the phone is ringing.  Also useful to help identify spam callers like telemarketers. This program also provides contact list backups, letting you store your contact list online.  Also provides reverse phone number look-up for U.S numbers only. As well as spam all reporting.

Download Page - This is a link to the download page

Compatible with: All

CallsBlocker 1.0.5

This is an application that allows the user to block unwanted calls or calls from unknown, private or withheld numbers. You can even choose numbers from any contact in the address book and simply add them to the list of blocked numbers through one click.
You can also block number in your Call Log with an easy menu option.

Desktop Download - Install from your Computer

Compatible with: Storm

Storm Call Blocker

This tiny application allows you to forward all your calls to voicemail when ever you want. Simply click on the icon and all incoming calls will be sent right to voicemail. Simply click on the icon again and your calls will come through as they normally would. Note: You must set your permissions to allow. If they are not set to allow the app will not work.

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Compatible with: Storm