Utilities 2


This program adds a lot of additional voice recognition features the the standard BlackBerry Voice Recognition software doesn't have. For example you can tell your BlackBerry by voice to write an SMS and you can speak what you want written on it. It is surprisingly quite accurate.

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Compatible with: Pearl and Newer

Guitar Hero, Star Wars, and more for BlackBerry


QuickPull is a free tool that frees memory quickly by simulating a "battery pull" soft reset. QuickPull is extremely easy and convenient to use. Compatible with almost all BlackBerry devices, including the Storm!

Blackberry Device Info Utility

This is a little BlackBerry utility which gives you the possibility to  see information about your BlackBerry which you normally wouldn't see.

MiniMoni 1.01.03

This is a nice little app that measures the ip traffic on your BlackBerry for GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks.

Desktop Download - Install from your Computer

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

For OS 4.1 Only

Desktop Download - Install from your Computer

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Min Requirements: OS 4.2+


Useful program for the Storm, it give you a nice graphical representation of the current system information.

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Compatible with: Storm

SignalLoc 1.0.1116

Displays network information such as signal level, services supported, cell site identification, channel and, if supported by your device and network, the latitude and longitude of the current cell site.

Desktop Download - Install from your Computer

Min Requirements: OS 4.2.1

BuzzMe Standard

If you want to hear your BlackBerry smartphone ring and have it vibrate at the same time you need BuzzMe. If you want to control the LED color (now includes all 12 colors for call alerts) when you receive a phone call, you need BuzzMe. And now if you want to have a customizable Missed Call Reminder with selectable LED color, vibration and tone, you need BuzzMe. You can even set "disco" mode to have a flashing disco in your Blackberry when you receive a call. You can also create a customizable Call Reminder system with LED choice, vibration and even a selectable reminder Tone. Standard version will only let you change LED and vibrating functions for calls. If you want more control over vibration and LED color for calls, messages, and emails get BuzzMe Pro! Features: Makes your Blackberry Ring and Vibrate at the same time, Missed call reminder alert, Control the LED color for calls, MyColor for custom color creation, Control the vibration time, and Custom MyColor.

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Min Requirements OS 4.5
Compatible with: Non-Touch Screen

- Download from Phone Browser

Compatible with: Storm and Storm 2 Only


This program lets you password protect any file on your BlackBerry you choose. Perfect for those embarrassing pictures or those pictures of a nude girl friend or boy friend you might not want anyone seeing.

Desktop Download - Install from your Computer

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Min Requirements: All

Free Light 1.0

This program just turns your screen white on 100% brightness and on newer devices it will make the status LED really bright. This way you can use your BlackBerry as a flashlight of sorts.

Desktop Download - Install from your Computer

Min Requirements OS 4.2


BBreply is a great email utility for Blackberry devices, allowing you to alter the reply-to address in emails that you send out. This is great if you want the recipient to send a message to a different email account than the one you are mailing from.

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Min Requirements: OS 3.7

Compatible with: 5790 to Bold