Utilities 3


BBFileScout is a File Manager that allows you to browse the file system of your BB (including hidden files) - create directories, copy, move, rename or delete files. You can open all media files, it will zip and un-zip files, lets you re-size images, and plenty of other features. More Info: http://www.emacberry.com/bbfilescout.html

- Download from Phone Browser

Minimum Requirements: OS 4.3


Use your BlackBerry Storm as a surface level device! This application allows the user to see if a solid surface is at a perfectly horizontal level.


This program lets you speed test your BlackBerry internet connection. See just how fast your network download and upload speeds are.

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Min Requirements: OS 4.2


This is an application that turns your BlackBerry into a Bluetooth keyboard for your computer.

Download Page - This is a link to the download page

Compatible with: Curve, Pearl, Pearl Flip, 88xx

BEIKS Keyboard Locker

The BEIKS Keyboard Locker is a simple application that automatically locks the keyboard of your BlackBerry upon a short amount of idle time.


This program locks your Storm's screen. It adds the iPhone like “Slide-To-Unlock” feature to your Storm.

OTA DOWNLOAD - Download from Phone Browser

Compatible with: Storm

BilbyLight 1.0.1

This program lets you use your BlackBerry as a flashlight. It's very useful when you are camping, driving or in a dark environment
This program also lets you turn on the backlight when running other applications and provides brightness adjustment.

BerryTorch 1.0

The application shows a blank, white screen and activates the LED so you can use your BlackBerry as a flash light.

Cisco Global Internet Speed Test

This application is intended to let you find out what speed your cellular or Wi-Fi connection is providing you with. This lets you submit your test location to help Cisco map out and share speeds. This will also let you compare speeds for cellular and Wi-Fi data between the Storm & iPhone